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About Dr. Amena Clark (BHSc Acu)

Dr. Amena Clark, born and raised in the Tweed Heads Region, is one of six children raised by her mother. Growing up, she developed a profound interest in health and science, particularly in skincare. Her strong work ethic, inherited from her mother, who juggled days as a seamstress with nights in a local Chinese restaurant, shaped her dedication to her profession.

Beyond her general interest in health, Dr. Clark is deeply passionate about supporting women on their fertility and IVF journeys. She believes in holistic wellness and practices what she preaches to her patients—a healthy lifestyle comprising physical training, seasonal and locally sourced nutrition based on Chinese dietary principles, and self-care routines such as Pilates reformer, massages, and beach walks.

Her compassionate disposition is rooted in her understanding of human suffering and the holistic approach to medicine, which addresses not only the body but also the mind. Dr. Clark finds fulfilment in helping people become more attuned to their bodies and promoting wellness-centric living, especially through the challenging process of fertility treatment and IVF.

Choosing Dr. Amena as Your Acupuncturist Understanding the Why

Dr. Amena completed her four-year Bachelor of Health Science (BHSc. Acupuncture) after spending 13 years with a private Pathology company. During this period, she encountered numerous hospital patients who saw no improvement through conventional medical treatments. Many felt helpless and without control over their health journey. Dr. Amena herself faced similar challenges in her youth and early adulthood when battling a viral illness, finding relief through natural medicine.

With a deep understanding and respect for the medical system’s role in modern society, Dr. Amena emphasizes her gentle needle technique and attentive listening skills. She believes that the key to success in natural medicine lies in understanding the starting state of each individual’s health. Recognizing that each person and disease is unique, she approaches treatment with a personalized touch.

As a registered Acupuncturist, Dr. Amena is committed to ongoing professional development to meet the evolving needs of her field.

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