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Amena Wellness Clinic offers acupuncture for fertility in Tweed Heads. Acupuncture treatment is based on treating diseases and health conditions by improving the natural body flow of energy through stimulation using tiny needles. Acupuncture has become a significant part of fertility treatment, helping increase the chances of conception.

At Amena Wellness Clinic, we understand how frustrating trying to get pregnant without success can be for a couple. That’s why we offer low risk acupuncture that may increase your chances of conceiving and delivering a healthy baby.

How Acupuncture Boosts Fertility

Acupuncture can be used to help improve different fertility disorders including spasmed tubes, polycystic ovarian syndromes, endometriosis, irregular cycles, repeated miscarriages, ovulation disorders, thin uterine lining and stress among others. It may significantly enhance fertility by:

  • Increasing blood flow to reproductive organs – Acupuncture may help increase blood flow which in turn stimulates the ovaries to produce healthy eggs. It has also shown to enrich the endometrium lining of the uterus enabling it to hold the eggs to term.
  • Relaxing the uterus – Acupuncture may help relax the uterus, increasing the chances of successful embryo implantation.
  • Regulating fertility hormones – Acupuncture promotes the release of beta-endorphin in the brain which stimulates oestrogen and progesterone release.
  • Reduce stress, anxiety, and depression– Infertility problems can cause immense stress to couples. High levels of stress usually lower fertility hormones which can impact pregnancy outcomes. Acupuncture may aid in reducing stress and promotes relaxation
  • Alleviating effects associated with the polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)– PCOS is a common cause of infertility in women. It affects a woman’s hormonal levels which makes it hard to get pregnant. Acupuncture may help to induce ovulation and regulate hormones and the menstrual cycle.
  • Relieves symptoms associated with endometriosis– endometriosis is a gyno inflammatory condition that can cause pelvic pain and also infertility. Acupuncture has proven to be an effective treatment for endometriosis and can also relieve pain.

However, acupuncture is not effective in case of blocked tubes.

Acupuncture for Male Fertility

Male infertility problems account for about 30-40% of infertility cases. Research has shown that acupuncture aids in improving sperm motility. It also increases sperm production, reduces some sperm abnormalities and increases levels of the hormone testosterone.

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How Long Will Acupuncture for Fertility in Tweed Heads Take?

Treatment plans for acupuncture to get pregnant vary depending on each patient’s specific needs. We recommend weekly treatment for around 12 weeks and twice a week for those over the age of 35. During the first contact, we ask information about your health, menstrual patterns, medical history, results of fertility tests undertaken, emotional state, diet, and any other information we deem necessary. This information will help us determine your treatment plan. We also take your pulse and inspect your tongue. We then undertake the needle treatment which lasts about 30-40 minutes.

Should I Continue Acupuncture after Getting Pregnant?

Acupuncture may help prevent miscarriage. Most miscarriages usually occur during the 1st trimester. It is recommended that patients continue with the treatment during the first three months in order to support the pregnancy. It can also help alleviate common symptoms such as morning sickness and anxiety that occurs during early pregnancy.

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Are there any Risks Involved?

Acupuncture to get pregnant is a low risk method that is drug free. However, there are a few considerations to take into account to ensure the process is as smooth as possible. First, finding an experienced and licensed acupuncturist is crucial. A reputable acupuncturist carries out the treatment with sterile needles thus reducing any risk of infection. There can be a risk of miscarriage if incorrect points are used in case the patient gets pregnant. That adds to the importance of having a specialised practitioner.

At Amena Wellness Clinic, we have extensive experience and training that enables us to address fertility challenges with utmost professionalism. If you are considering having acupuncture for fertility in Tweed Heads, contact us today, and we will help you every step of the way.

increase your chances of conceiving and delivering a healthy baby

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