Microneedling: A Safe Alternative to Lip Fillers

Are you thinking of using traditional lip fillers or trying out microneedling to achieve that sexy, full, and pouty lips? Then, this article will discuss why the latter is the best option for the ultimate lip transformation.

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy or skin needling, is a beauty procedure that is gaining more and more traction. It punctures the skin using tiny, carefully sterilised needles.

The small wounds from the spikes stimulate the production of more skin tissues packed with elastin and collagen, which are both effective for skin healing and rejuvenation. When the skin is healed, it gives off that youthful, dreamy glow. When new tissue is created, the ideal lip transformation will come to life.

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The Lips

The skin surrounding our lips and the skin on them are both very thin and highly delicate. The lips have roughly ten fewer cellular layers compared to the skin on our face. Thus, microneedling is likely effective in penetrating the layers of the skin on the lips. Hence, it can bring about more significant and noticeable results compared to lip fillers.

It is also important to note that among other parts of the human body, our lips are the first to show signs of aging. As we advance in age, our collagen production is slowly reduced which typically results in a thinner and chapped skin with fine lines all over. For those who want to keep their lips plump and beautiful, microneedling is the new ultimate solution for boosting collagen production safely and effectively.



Why Is Microneedling Better Than Lip Fillers?

The science of microneedling has many advantages compared to lip injections, natural lip fillers, and Russian lip fillers. Below are some of the benefits you can expect:

There isn’t much preparation to think about before you undergo the procedure, and the actual microneedling session takes only a few minutes with a recommended duration of 1 minute or 60 seconds per target area, depending on the skin type. Nonetheless, the preparation and after-care procedure may take some time as the skin specialist makes sure that you will get the optimal results.

Minimal to Almost No downtime
There is minimal to almost no downtime for this type of procedure if handled by a trained professional. Hence, you can quickly and easily go back to your usual routine.

Ease of the Procedure
When microneedling the lips, the skin specialist creates micro-wounds in the uppermost layers of the skin. It is an almost painless skin treatment.

After-Care Tips

Individuals can get more significant and noticeable results when they pair a lip-plumper product with microneedling than with traditional lip fillers. This is because when the lips undergo microneedling, it creates micro-channels in the skin where a lip-plumper product can deeply penetrate, reaching the skin cells more efficiently.

A lip-plumper product that is highly infused with Hyaluronic Acid can dramatically increase the plumping magic and hydrated effect microneeding brings. It is important to note that Hyaluronic Acid aids in helping skin cells become moisturised and relaxed.

Safe and effective lip filler alternative

Microneedling is a safe and effective lip-plumping treatment since it helps the skin to produce new tissues leading to healthier and newer skin every time. Remember that it is ideal to microneedle the area surrounding the lips and the lip skin.

Furthermore, a lip-plumping product like a serum can boost the wonders of a microneedling procedure. Overall, microneedling is a safer and more effective procedure than the usual lip fillers.

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